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Lupus Survivor

Coming Soon! Lupus  plans to focus on the trifecta of autoimmune illnesses,  lupus, fibromyalgia and  APS (Antiphospolipid Syndrome). The mission of is to empower fellow patients with the self-determination to find their own personal path to wellness through The Healing process. This problem solving method focuses on the 4 healing paths, The Disease, The Body, The Mind and The Spirit, a holistic approach to managing the impact of our disease.

Are you a survivor?  seeks contributions. Please read introduction below and Mission page for details on sharing your story.

With so many other venues for us to casually share conversations, I have decided not to pursue another typical social networking site. There are many wonderful groups available especially on Facebook. I will continue to focus primarily on,  lupus, fibromyalgia and  APS (Antiphospolipid Syndrome), the trifecta of autoimmune/pain illnesses that tends to be associated together in patients. There are plenty of resources that provide medical explanations for these illnesses and the medications as they relate to the patient; however, but there is a void for awareness of the effects on the person (not the patient) as a whole.  So to expand on my mission, one goal of this site is to get personal and reveal what will not be found on any medical charts. Step one is to tell stories of how we survived. Provide information to others on how to survive. Collectively we hope to influence our community — our doctors and caregivers on what we need to survive with a more holistic approach to achieving wellness.
So to begin this journey, needs contributions from survivors. There are 3 avenues you may take to share as a survivor:

1. Survivor Story: Share an anecdotal narrative of survival of one or more of these diseases.  Submit here
2. Survivor Tips: Write an intelligent article on a specific survival tip within the context of our mission statement.  Submit here
3. Survivor Bloggers: Become a regular contributor. If you have a blog focused on one or more of these diseases. Submit sample post and link.

The survivor stories do not necessarily have to be a life and death situations. Its very important that we discuss even the mundane.

How do you survive living with lupus on a day to day basis?
How do you deal with giving up a career for disability?
What are your suggestions for surviving the disability application process?
What are you doing to survive the financial difficulties incurred due to illness?
What tips do you have for surviving with the minimum spoons (energy expenditure)?
How do you survive getting up to go to work everyday despite the pain?
How have your relationships with husband, family and friends survived?
How did you survive the relationship you lost due to illness?
Are you struggling to survive with the unrelenting pain?
What tips do you have to survive with lupus fog?
How do you survive with aphasia?
Are you barely surviving the effects of the steroids on your behavior and personality?

I would especially like to focus on the mostly overlooked neuro-psychiatric aspect of these illnesses. These a issues may be some of the most devastating yet not addressed by traditional medicine.

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Please take the time to share. You do not have to be professional writer, just sincere. You may use an alias for your submission for your privacy.

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