Despite Lupus I …

So often we lupies tell our woeful stories of the devastating effects lupus has had on our lives. And as important as it is for us to be able to discuss the difficulties we  face from our illness, it is just as important to discuss what lupus survivors do with our lives despite lupus. Besides Lupus Awareness Month, this month I celebrated my son’s graduation and acceptance to 10 of the top Philosophy graduate school programs in the country including Marquette, Kent State, Boston University, Boston College and his choice Brandeis. It was the proudest day of my life!  Diagnosed when he was 3 years old, I had been sick as long as he could remember. Estranged from his father the same year, he has been the man of the house and main caregiver since then as well. Partly because my CNS symptoms prevented me from driving and partly because I felt public school was failed to challenge my precocious child, I decided to homeschool my son in 5th grade. My participation in his education magnifies my pride in his success. During the family celebration, my best friend praised my achievement, exclaiming, “Despite Lupus you have raised your son single-handedly seen him graduate college!” This inspired me to start the “Despite Lupus…” twitter campaign in which I shared some of the things I have accomplished in spite of my illness and invite my fellow lupus survivors to do the same. There has been an overwhelming response  from followers tweeting messages about the positive aspects of their lives despite lupus.  Some made me tear up, some made me laugh. But most of all they all inspire hope. So here are a few of my favorite replies along with a live stream below in the hopes that they will inspire you too.

Despite Lupus …

I cannot thank you enough for all of your inspiring tweets! You all have proven that we might have lupus but lupus doesn’t have us. Despite lupus we can still maintain quality in in our lives. I would even say that for us Lupus Survivors each day we wake up is all the more precious. The unpredictability and potential threat of lupus makes us appreciate life even more.

If you have not already please join the conversation on viagra discount twitter @lupussurvivors and our Facebook page. Please share what you do despite lupus.

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  1. Despite Lupus, Im going see Grand Funk Railroad Friday night. Despite Lupus, I babysit my great granddaughter Ella. Yes….I did say great. I know what your thinking. Im too young, I dont look old. lol…..I am so fortunate to have this opportunity! I never knew my great grandparents. From 5am to 5pm. Im struggling but she is worth it. She turns my bad days to good days. Oh and my mother is still alive, great great grandmother named Ella. 5 generations of strong women and we are all mean , Mom is passing this trait and each generation is meaner. She tells me why cant you get out of bed today. Im 80 and I work full time, no sense 56 yr old!!!!!With an. eye roll and and suggestions like why dont you paint anymore. Because it takes a few spoons to set up, then Im exhausted!

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