Kathleen’s Lupus Survivor Story

lupus survivors imageMy name is Kathleen. I’m living with systemic lupus. I was diagnosed in 2005 with

lupus and have been on Benlysta since 2010. I’m struggling every day with pain, fatigue and worry about my future.
I can’t work anymore because of my disability. But I don’t let it stop me from living my life. I’m into adaptive sports like scuba diving. My insurance has increased 51% in the last two years and it’s been difficult for me on a fixed income . I’m a cancer survivor and I miss driving and I honestly feel that what doesn’t kill me makes me stronger and sometimes I feel like the strongest person in the world. And other days I feel alone and lost. But I have discovered an entire world on Twitter of other lupus warriors and lupus survivors .
I hope to help raise awareness about Lupus and maybe one day there’ll be a cure. I have no family support but I have a service dog named Iris who helps me everyday.

4 thoughts on “Kathleen’s Lupus Survivor Story”

  1. Thank you so much! You are the first person to comment on the excruciating pain!! The sadness from being unable to drive and feeling lost. Water and pools can be a Godsend. Getting out of the pool a different story. I wonder if the YMCA contributes free pool time? I have one but so many don’t…I think I’ll contact someone and ask… Again, thank you!!

  2. I applaud your attitude and your resolve to live the best life possible. I was diagnosed with SLE in 1986 and with brain cancer in 2007. I also had several other diagnosis in between. I am doing well and am Cancer free. I say this to give you hope that you can survive. I pray that God will send people who will befriend you. Having family and friends to help on difficult days helps. I will say a prayer for you.

  3. I enjoyed this post as well. I am a lupus survivor as well. I feel like some day’s are filled with spoons, then someone took all my spoons away. I try to keep my sense of humor. I think that’s important with what we go through. I just started Benlysta infusions.

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