15 Facts You Didn’t Know About LUPUS

I’m sure there are many lupus facts you didn’t know about. Systemic Lupus Erythematosus (SLE) is a mysterious autoimmune disease with many complexities that are still unknown. The symptoms mimic other diseases and can vary among different patients. When I say I have lupus, the first thing most people say is, “I’ve never heard of that before. What is it?” The conversation then turns into a lot of questions about the illness which I am always glad to answer. I have even helped lead someone to getting diagnosed. Twenty years ago, I wish I had had access to the infomation thats now available on the internet. If tweeted facts had been available, it might have led to me getting diagnosed sooner and avoided the life threatening scenario that led to my diagnosis. In order to spread awareness for lupus, I’ve created some handy graphics that can be easily shared on Twitter or Facebook.  Just click image then right click and “Save as” to your folder.

Test your knowledge. Check to see how many lupus facts you know. Then be sure to share them!

#1 LUPUS FACT Lupus is a chronic autoimmune disease.

#2 LUPUS FACT Lupus attacks different parts of the body.

#3 LUPUS FACT An estimated 1.5 million Americans have lupus.

#4 LUPUS FACT At least 5 million people worldwide have lupus.

#5 LUPUS FACT No two cases of lupus are alike.

#6 LUPUS FACT Most people with lupus don’t look sick.

#7 LUPUS FACT Common symptoms include joint pain, skin rashes, overwhelming fatigue and fevers that last for days or weeks.

#8 LUPUS FACT The average annual direct and indirect costs incurred by a person with lupus can exceed $21,000 annually.

#9 LUPUS FACT Lupus can be difficult to diagnose. There is NO single blood test to diagnose lupus.

#10 LUPUS FACT Lupus symptoms mimic those of other diseases, vary in intensity and can come and go over time.

#11 LUPUS FACT More than half of those afflicted with lupus suffered at least four years, and saw three or more doctors before obtaining a correct diagnosis of lupus.

#12 LUPUS FACT Early diagnosis is crucial to preventing long-term consequences of the disease.

#13 LUPUS FACT If you notice signs or symptoms of lupus, be sure to see your doctor and ask questions.

#14 LUPUS FACT 90 % of patients diagnosed with lupus are women. Men and children develop lupus too.

#15 LUPUS FACT usually develops between ages 15 and 44 and it cialis generique lasts a lifetime. There is NO CURE.

So how did you do? How many Lupus facts didn’t you know? Hope you learned something new about lupus. Now pass it on!

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    1. It’s been 36 years for me. Depression comes with lupus. Talk to your Dr. anout antidepressants. You will feel much better. Good luck to you.

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