Our mission is to empower fellow lupus survivors by sharing our own perspectives on the impact chronic illness has had on our lives. There are plenty of resources that provide medical explanations for these illnesses and the medications as they relate to the patient; however, there is a void for awareness of the effects on the person (not the patient) as a whole. The intent of this site is to get personal and reveal what will not be found on any medical charts. Our initial goal is to tell stories of how we survived. Provide information to others on how to survive. Collectively we hope to influence our community — our doctors and caregivers on what we need to survive with a more holistic approach to achieving wellness. Beyond general awareness of this chronic autoimmune disease, we want to create a greater awareness of the psychosocial ramifications of chronic illness that doesn’t often get addressed by doctors. We believe that healing must address the mind, the body, and the spirit to ensure a better quality of life for the Lupus Survivor

Lupussurvivor.com curates content from established Lupus bloggers as well as accepts submissions from other Lupus patients. Our content is focused on exploring patient perspectives on the impact of chronic illness on three areas: the mind, the body, and the spirit.

Discuss the impact the disease has on our cognition, intellect, behavior, personality and ultimately our identity. The neuropsychiatric symptoms caused by both the disease and the medications which are difficult to quantify are often overlooked and misunderstood. Share the perspectives of lupus survivor’s battle with brain fog, stress, anxiety and depression.

Discuss the material impact of the chronic symptoms, drug side effects, and disability resulting from chronic illness on lifestyle, relationships, finances, and career. Share tips on non-pharmaceutical symptom management including alternative therapies or home remedies as well as advice on overcoming physical disabilities.

Discuss the effect of spirituality on the disease and the disease’s effect on spirituality including both positive and negative effects of a lupus survivors’ religious or spiritual outlook since having the disease. Describe how your belief system aids or hinders how you cope with the disease. Share specific ways you incorporate your faith or spirituality into your life in order to cope.

lupussurvivors.com is still under construction. If you would like to share your survivor story or contribute please read introduction and mission and make your submission here.